• Tired of pain and needed to get it under control


    What can I tell you other than I got rid of painful side effects and prescriptions which might have been okay for some people but it’s something I definitely did NOT want! Think about this for a minute: my doctor (who I respect because he’s so kind) was forced to prescribe even more medicine JUST TO TREAT the side effects from the medicine prescribed to cure me of my underlying illness! ABSURD! - Susan

  • Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer survivor


    I was told by my doctor that I had just 6 months to live because I had an aggressive cancer with 5 tumors growing fast in my liver (two as large as 80-90% of my liver’s size). Without the OnlyYOU test you wouldn’t be reading this! BUT, upon beginning my 8th month (when I should have already been dead 1-2 months) my oncologist exuberantly told me: “Cindy, there’s no evidence of any cancer in your body. Congratulations!”) I owe my life to the ‘scientific geeks’ who created this life-saving pharmacogenetics test!!!Cindy U

  • Good for my patients. Good for me as a doctor.

    I didn’t learn enough about genetics in med school (which was only 11 years ago), so when some of my patients began asking me about your pharmacogenetics test I didn’t know what to think. It fascinated me so I took the test myself. Now that I know what it does (and does for me), I know it helps me meet my patients’ medication needs far better than before. It saves me time (which is at a premium as you might expect). I don’t have to spend as much time explaining to my patients why I needed to write them a new prescription, nor how to avoid side effects. My patients now have a greater understanding and respect for what’s involved in evidenced based medicine.Dr. Tim S

  • How your test worked for me

    What an easy medical test to take, and from home!! I took your test, and with my doctor’s help, changed the doses of 2 prescriptions I had been taking for a few months (and not without problems I’ll add). These changes have made my past feelings of stress and anxiety disappear.Margaret P

  • If I must take drugs I don't want to take too many

    Call it what you will- drugs, medicine, medications, Rx, whatever-I don’t like taking them. But because I’m pushing 50 my body doesn’t heal so quickly. I’m sick of being sick from taking prescriptions! If they’re supposed to help me then why do I get stomach aches, headaches, and sometimes itching??? Makes no sense to me. One of my coworkers heard me complain one too many times and recommended your company. My girlfriend pushed me to do it too. I did it and boy am I glad!!!!!!! Got my results back in a week. Extremely satisfied because I was able to change a medication whose side effects really had made me miserable! Even my doctor was impressed! Maybe I’ll even try marijuana.Grant C

  • Bye-bye side effects

    I don’t like confrontations so I felt uncomfortable feeling like I was telling my doctor what to do but I was tired of feeling bad from medicines he said were good for me. He looked my resport results over and said just 3 words to me: Okay, makes sense. His nurse gave me a new prescription with a little yellow post-it note on it: “Thanks”. This time the medicine worked like a charm with NO side effects. I called my doctor and and told her the good news. I am truly grateful for what you’ve done for my life.Chad P

  • Need to help my entire family

    I ordered tests for my whole family after I received mine and my doctor changed my pain prescription which has been a godsend! My husband used his test to help get the right meds for his cholesterol (bye bye to one med and hello to another). My son figured out how to deal with his anxiety with a medical school friend of his when they went to a marijuana store. And my daughter worked out with her OBGYN her ADHD Rx meds and it was good that she was familiar enough with medical marijuana to work that into her treatment. Thank you for helping my entire family!Marcelle R

  • Way too many prescriptions!

    I felt like I was going crazy because I was taking as many as 9 to 12 different medications every day and I’m only 47. I was always getting awful side effects which I couldn’t control. Of the medications I was taking, four of them were just to deal with the side effects from medicines prescribed for my real problems! I read about your test in a cannabis magazine that one of my girlfriends gave me. I’ve never taken marijuana except to get high but now I’m looking into what strains can work for my problems. I feel sooooo much better! I deeply appreciate what Only You has done for me. Thank you again.Carolyn S