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Cannabinoids and Rx Medicines

How do I know whether there are any positive or negative interactions between cannabis and pharmaceutical drugs?

Our tests will indicate inhibitors for both prescription drugs and medical cannabinoids which can enhance, delay, or prevent the efficacy of the prescription and/or medical cannabinoids.

Can you recommend which brands or strains of medical cannabis might work best for me?

No, we offer personalized medical laboratory testing services. You will need to obtain this information elsewhere such as your dispensary or a healthcare provider. Under FDA rules and CLIA guidelines, labs are not permitted to provide medical advice, nor recommend any specific medications.

What is the difference between cannabis sativa vs. indica?

The most accepted way of distinguishing indica versus sativa is by appearance, or what scientists refer to as morphology. Sativa plants are tall, loosely branched and have long, narrow leaves. They are usually grown outdoors and can reach heights of up to 20 feet. Indica plants are short, densely branched and have wider leaves. They are better suited for growing indoors. However, no scientific study has confirmed these differences, and there is some doubt about their accuracy.

In fact, history suggests a much simpler difference between indica and sativa. The original classification of Cannabis indica was made by French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck in 1785. Lamarck observed that certain marijuana plants from India were intoxicating and could be made into hashish. But traditional hemp crops, which were more common in Europe, had no mind-altering effect. He came up with the name Cannabis indica to distinguish Indian cannabis from European hemp, which was known at the time as Cannabis sativa. Likewise, Cannabis indica was specifically recognized as a therapeutic in Western medicine during the 1800s.

Scientists who have studied the differences between indica and sativa have come up with a number of theories based on plant genetics. The prevailing theory focuses on the genetic production of THC and CBD, which is why indica plants have high THC:CBD ratios and sativa plants have high CBD:THC ratios. Many strains produce varying amounts of both enzymes due to hybridization, or cross breeding, of the gene pools; this explains why some sativas are rich in THC and some indicas are not.

Can you tell me what medical cannabis strains, dosage or delivery systems will work best for me?

No, that science has not been created nor confirmed as evidence-based. We are not prescribers or recommenders of any drug, brand, treatment plan, or delivery system.

Using FDA guidelines and the law, we are not allowed to provide this type of advice, nor make those specific recommendations.

The medical information on this site is provided as an information resource only and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. This information is intended to be patient education, does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.



How can I reach OnlyYOU® Genetics?



General Terms

Can I purchase just the medical cannabis portion of the test?

Sorry, no. The benefits of the OnlyYOU® Genetics tests are maximized by receiving both your medical cannabis and pharmaceuticals results that can be utilized together for your overall health.

What if I have questions about how medical cannabis can work on health problems?

By law, we do not provide any medical advice. Visit our Medical Cannabis Science section for more information. Talk with your healthcare practitioners about your questions or concerns.

Does your test tell anyone whether I'm taking any drugs of any kind?

No, and we do not ask which drugs you have taken, are taking, or might take. The benefits of the OnlyYOU® Genetics tests are maximized by having medical cannabis and pharmaceutical results that can be utilized for your overall health.

We protect all information about you by using the strictest HIPAA guidelines.

Can I order tests for my family?

Yes, that is a great idea! You can order a test for anyone in your family, friends, or associates. Due to HIPAA regulations, each individual can review their own test and will have their own account identity. However, each person is allowed to share their test results with anyone of their choice such as healthcare specialists, budtenders, friends and other family members, co-workers, etc.

We cover 27 different medical condtions. We offer two choices of testing for those seeking results: (1) FULL Report covering the primary cannabinoids found in medcial cannabis, along with the top selling 145 prescription pharmaceuticals; or (2) Rx ONLY Report covering the top 145 Rx.

How do I pay for the OnlyYOU® tests?

You pay for the test when you complete your order. Payment by Major Credit Cards Only. (no debit cards allowed, and no bank withdrawals). OnlyYOU® has a strict NO REFUND policy.

Will my insurance cover this?

Unfortunately not. OnlyYOU® Genetics has chosen to sell directly to you – the consumer – to keep your costs as low as possible. Insurance does not reimburse PGx testing for average consumer testing.

In the vast majority of tests, if insurance reimbursed labs for the tests, your co-pay, money out-of-pocket costs, and requirements would be higher than what we charge for any OnlyYOU tests!

Must I obtain my physician's approval to order my test?

No, you simply order your test directly through our website.

OnlyYOU® Genetics will ask you to select your physician of choice to approve the test. Then, we will share your test results with that health care professional.

If my physician has questions, whom do they contact?

Physicians are encouraged to contact us directly: mds@onlyyougenetics.com

When I have questions, where do I ask them?

First, review our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). You can also contact us directly: info@onlyyougenetics.com

What will my personal OnlyYOU® Genetics Rx ONLY Report tell me?

Your personalized Report shows how your unique genetics metabolize the most prescribed 145 Rx drugs, so you and your physician can effectively select the most appropriate prescriptions only for you.

Our unique report includes information about drug inhibitors, warnings, potential adverse reactions, and other information for appropriate clinical treatment.

What will my personal OnlyYOU FULL Report tell me?

Same as above, PLUS a report on your personal gene metabolisms of many of the most well known cannabinoids found in medical cannabis; for example: • CBC • CBD • CBDa • CBDv • CBG • CBN • THC • THCa • THCv

Will I ever need to re-test?

No. Your genes never change, so your tests are good for your lifetime!

Who should I share this information with?

We highly recommend you share your Report with your doctor(s) and healthcare practitioners. You also have the ability to share it with your family, friends, and people you care about.

If you order the OnlyYOU® Genetics Reports, please share it with your healthcare professionals whom you trust; either licensed healthcare professionals and legal medical cannabis dispensary personnel.

How much do your tests cost?

$275 for the OnlyYOU® Rx ONLY Report and $299 for the OnlyYOU® Medical Cannabis and Rx FULL Report.

How can I buy the OnlyYou® test?

Our tests can only be purchased on this OnlyYOU® Genetics website



What is the cannabis genome?

Cannabis is a fascinating plant that produces fiber, edible seed, oil and numerous cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBN. It is also unique in that no other plants that we know of have the capacity to produce cannabinoids; the genes that encode the enzymes required to produce cannabinoids are unique to the cannabis genome. The main difference between the potency and medical benefits of the cannabinoids found in cannabis can be attributed to a single enzyme, or a genetically encoded switch, at the last step in the cannabinoid pathway. This “switch,” which is called the THCA synthase and CBDA synthase enzyme, fold precursor molecules (Cannabigerolic acid) into either THCA or CBDA. Plants that produce high levels of THC express genes that code for hyper active versions of the enzyme THCA synthase, whereas those plants that code for the enzyme CBDA synthase produce more CBD. The sequencing readout below indicates that there are numerous SNPs in the THCA synthase gene, which would be one key driver behind the genetic differences of the cannabis plants.

How is a PGx test different from a blood test?

Very different. Blood tests are not used to test your genetic metabolism for medications.

Pharmacogenetic testing uses a simple and safe cheek swab, and since your genes never change, you need to test only once in your lifetime. Most pharmaceuticals are metabolized by genes found in your liver.

What's the difference between genetics and variants, and why does that matter?

Why does that matter? “Variants” are defined as the genetic changes in the DNA sequence in each of our genomes. While individuals have similar characteristics, they are rarely identical, the difference between them is called variation. Genetic variation results in different forms, or alleles, of genes. Variants impact the capacity utilization, speed and personal response to drugs by each individual.

How often do I need a PGx test?

Once in your life because your genes never change.
One and done!

What is pharmacogenetics?

“Pharma” comes from “pharmacy” (drugs) and “genetics” is about a person’s individual metabolism. Pharmacogenetic testing measures your individual gene’s ability to metabolize different drugs. “PGx” is the abbreviation for pharmacogenetic testing.

Who recognizes PGx's effectiveness?

CDC (Centers for Disease Control), NIH (National Institutes for Health), FDA (Federal Drug Administration), Mayo Clinic, and other leading healthcare institutions.



How safe is my personal account and information?

We do not share or sell your email, personally identified data, or billing information to anyone. We do not ask for, obtain or retain any information about your medical history of medication or illness.

Please visit our Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy pages.

How private is my personal OnlyYOU® report?

We take your security and confidentiality seriously. Your OnlyYOU® Genetics health and personal data is secured by sophisticated security encryption which follows the rigid HIPAA compliance regulations.

Please review our Terms of Service and visit our Privacy Policy pages.



How do I interpret my results?

OnlyYOU® Genetics test results are colored-coded, with easy-to-read results that show the: specific genes tested, the medications we test for, and any warnings, dose recommendations, adverse reactions and other information we provide to help you concerning prescription drugs.

For our test which includes your personal medical cannabis report, we will provide you with your metabolistic results, which is your body’s ability to most effectively utilize the 9 major cannabinoids in medical cannabis. We include: warnings, potential inhibitors and reactions, in your medical cannabis report summary.

Results should not be interpreted without a trained healthcare practitioner; however, these results provide you with the unique personalized information to help you consult with your healthcare practitioners (including dispensary personnel for medical cannabis) to create the best evidenced-based precision treatment plans just for you!

Licensed healthcare professionals play a crucial role in the OnlyYOU® Genetics results for interpretation and medication change recommendations. They are trained to understand drug-to-drug and drug-to-gene interactions and are based on your test results. They are the only ones who may make prescribing recommendations for you. All decision-making authority remains with the prescribing provider in consultation with you.


Your Orders

How do I get my test results?

You will receive an email when your results are posted to your secure personal portal. Then, log in with your secure personal account to view, print, download, or share your Report.

Remember that we will also send your Report simultaneously to the health care professional you designated to us in the ordering process, so that we meet FDA and HIPAA requirements. Ask your physician for your OnlyYOU® report to be placed and stored in your personal health records for future reference.

Once I've sent back my testing kit, how soon before I get my results?

The average time is one business week from the time your test kit is received back from you in our lab.

How soon before I get my testing kit after I've ordered and paid for it?

Expect to receive your genetics test kit in less than one week via FedEx. You never pay any shipping costs with OnlyYOU® Genetics.

How do I send back my test?

Just place your completed test kit in the pre-paid, pre-addressed FedEx shipping envelope and drop it off at any FedEx pickup location.