Ready For A New Approach To Medicine Not Based On Trial & Error?

Discover the Proven Science of Pharmacogenetics.

Would YOU Like To Know Which Prescription Medicines & Medical Cannabinoids Can Work Best For YOU?

Everyone Responds Differently to Medications

If fact, only 7% of us respond as 'normal' to all medicines.
Adverse reactions to medications are a leading cause of unexpected pain, delay in wellness, and ER visits.

YOU can educate youself and your doctor when prescribing medicines by knowing how your genetics will react.

Know Which Medicines Can Work Best for YOU

Learn how you respond to medications. Pharmacogenetics is the evidenced-based science which measures and uses your individual genetics to help guide YOU and your healthcare professionals to utlize the right medications, avoid side effects, avoid adverse reactions, and allows you to save money on medicines that simply will not work.


Your DNA Unlocks Your Body's Capabilities

Your DNA Unlocks Your Body's Capabilities

Each drug will affect each person differently: Rapid Metabolism? Normal? Poor? No Effect? Know how YOU respond now!

Safe, Easy & Fast Testing

Safe, Easy & Fast Testing

In the comfort of your home, spend 1 minute swabbing the inside of both cheeks, and send your DNA swabs back to us.

Stop Guessing. <br/> START KNOWING!

Stop Guessing.

Get your results in a week, share them with your doctors, and experience the power of Personalized Medicine!

Get Your Test

Know how YOU respond to a medicine before YOU take it.

Rely on the proven science of Pharmacogenetics, recognized by leading medical authorities such as the FDA, NIH, JAMA and others.


Understand how your body metabolizes and responds to prescription medications & medical cannabinoids with the OnlyYOU™ Genetics Test. We are proud to offer YOU this valuable combination of Personalized Results leading to Personalized Medicine..

How You Get Your Report

Order it yourself. No blood sample required. Get results in about a week!

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    Choose Your Test


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    Receive your kit


  • Step 3

    Swab your Cheeks


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We Won't Ask YOU Anything Private & Confidential

We honor and protect your privacy.

We do NOT ask YOU anything about medicines YOU take or illnesses you’ve had.

Our top priority is the safety, security, and accuracy of your data.

Why Get Your Test Now?

YOU can’t get your PGx test at any hospital or from any medical clinic.

You can only get your test from OnlyYOU™ Genetics – this website.

Get your test today for YOU and for your family….

Our Lab

OnlyYOU™ tests are performed in our CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited clinical laboratory which meets the highest quality standards to ensure accurate and reliable results.

  • 2004: Started offering basic lab services.
  • 2014: Added pharmacogenetic testing for pharmaceutical medications.
  • 2016: Began pharmacogenetic beta testing for medical cannabinoids.
  • 2017: First to offer YOU prescription medicine & medical cannabinoid testing.

To learn more about OnlyYOU™ Genetics testing standards, click here


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